Daniel Gueguen

At a time when the European Union is faced with major dangers both internal and external, our elite leaders are focussing on issues that, while perhaps important, have no relation to their priorities.

So we see Mr Juncker – otherwise inaudible – taking action on secondary legislation concerning roaming and glyphosate, but still not proposing a revision of the comitology procedure.

So we see the Commission which, after so many years of inaction, has finally proposed to make the Transparency Register mandatory, while failing to correct the deficiencies that have been criticised many times.

So we have Brexit, where the political leaders are condemning themselves to silence, overwhelmed by the bureaucratic complexity of the issue. And yet, we have three chief negotiators!

And so, last of all, we have the European Parliament, whose legislative performance right now leaves a lot to be desired, buying the Wiertz Museum for reasons that still remain obscure.

What desperate times we live in.

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