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I often write about EU secondary legislation and I am happy toclique-doeil host this piece on my blog – because comitology does not always have to be serious and dry!


Mr Trump, what is your overall view on the Lisbon Treaty framework of secondary legislation and Level 2 acts?

Secondary? Level 2? Come on pal, you need to ditch that loser mentality! Do you think I made all those billions and got rich thinking about just ‘secondary’? No way. Let me tell you – I’m a Level 1 guy, big league. I got to the top and stayed there. Number one, nothing less. Second place, it’s for losers. By the way – Lisbon? Fantastic city. I own a house out there.

Do you think the Slovak Presidency has progressed on implementing the IIA on Better Law-making?

First of all, let me just say – I love the Slovaks. Great people, fantastic people. They really are. I own a house out there. And my wife, she’s Slovak. IIA? I have a plan to defeat IIA – but I’m not going to tell you what it is. You never tell the enemy your plans. But trust me – it’s a good plan. A great plan, actually. This plan is so good your head will spin.

The Juncker Commission has introduced screening for all secondary legislation proposals. Is it working?

Look, screening is important ok? You gotta screen. If you don’t screen, bad elements, some real bad elements, they will get through. You want my opinion? We don’t screen enough. Believe me, I’ve talked to people, lots of people actually, and they’re all like ‘we don’t screen enough’. It’s a problem folks, a tremendous problem. Make no mistake. Honestly, if I was you guys, I’d have a total and complete shutdown on all delegated and implementing acts until your representatives can figure out what the hell is going on.

How could the examination procedure be improved?

Me, I’ve been examined. Thoroughly. Tremendous examination, the very best ok? Nothing to hide, totally transparent folks. It’s all there and everything. If anybody needs examination and scrutiny, it’s my opponent!

Last time the Commission tried to complete the post-Lisbon alignment process, it met a wall of Member State opposition. Will it succeed next time?

Look, I like walls. Walls work. The bigger, the better. Nobody builds walls better than me. And alignment is killing us, absolutely killing us. Something has to be done. We can’t be politically correct about this. Member States, let me tell you – you need to keep that wall up, build it higher if you have to. Make the Commission pay for it, too!

Do you believe the Institutions can strike a deal on criteria for delineating Articles 290 and 291 TFEU?

If you guys need advice on making deals, you should come to me. I’ve made deals, lots of deals – all over the world. Nobody makes deals like me. I’m the best there is, just the best.

So how would you make the distinction between delegated acts and implementing acts?

You want my honest opinion? Comitology is b*******. I’m all about the political, the leadership. Tremendous leadership. Me personally, I’m more of a delegation kind of guy. I make the decisions, the big decisions, and my people – they implement, they take care of the rest, the details. I don’t waste time with bureaucracy. Not my style. That’s how I do things, folks.



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