Daniel Gueguen

Brexit was a rejection – not necessarily of the EU as a concept, but of a system that, instead of promoting the well-being and security of its people, is morphing into an immense bureaucracy lacking nuance or vision. It is a caricature of what it should be. Meanwhile, Euroscepticism is growing every day.

Similarly, Trump is a rejection of political correctness and ‘business as usual’. The anti-Clinton vote shows how obsolete the economic policy pursued by the US (and Europe) for the past 25 years has become. In Washington as in Brussels, the citizen is serving the economy, instead of the economy serving the citizen.

We have prioritised quantity over quality so much that the re-orientation of our societies seems to be mission impossible. We see it with the Brexit process, currently drowning in legal and technical details. In reality, the UK is linked to the EU by thousands of regulations and hundreds of trade agreements, like Gulliver paralysed by Lilliputs. These days, analysts tend to focus on the difficulties of Brexit, rather than its actual feasibility.

The only viable solution is to create a Europe structured around two circles: the inner circle for federal integration among the Eurozone countries, the outer one for those preferring a free trade zone. The three main EU institutions could manage it on a two-tier basis. It’s time to start thinking about this!

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