Daniel Gueguen

Clearly pro-EU, President Macron and his government are starting to translate En Marche! to the Union level. This is good. Recent years are similar to the 1980-85 period when there was much distrust and paralysis in the EU.

In 1985, Jacques Delors was appointed Commission President with the aim of jump-starting the European Economic Community. His mission of re-construction was based on 3 pillars: a very solid Franco-German partnership (Mitterrand-Kohl), a concrete objective (achieving the Single Market by 1993) and a major Treaty reform (the 1986 Single European Act, which facilitated Community decision-making).

For Mr Macron, the restoration of the Franco-German partnership is on the right track, while the emergence of a new European project seems to be taking shape around Eurozone governance. This leaves the third pillar. Nothing can be done under the current system of EU decision-making: bureaucratic, burdensome, opaque, complex – basically, it is ineffective. No revival of the EU will be possible unless this ineffective decision-making system is re-assessed. Trying to do the ‘what’ without improving the ‘how to’ will be doomed to failure.

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