Daniel Gueguen

The European Union acquis – that is, the body of EU laws and regulations applicable to Member States – comes to over 14,000 texts in total (1,685 Directives and 12,410 Regulations).

The day after Brexit, this legislative mass will continue applying to the 27…but also to the United Kingdom. This is something that would greatly surprise the people of the UK if they knew about it.

The Great Repeal Bill involves cutting the cord by repealing the 1972 European Communities Act, the law that first anchored the British to Europe. Once the Brexit agreement is made, the EU acquis will be transformed into pure domestic law, which the UK will be able to amend as it sees fit in the years that follow.

In order to deal with the adaptation of EU law to UK law, Ms May is proposing a sort of putsch that would allow her Government to change any EU-derived rule at its own convenience, essentially bypassing Westminster.

There has been no real progress yet concerning the Brexit conditions, and to see such a drift taking place in the country that invented parliamentary democracy represents the pinnacle of foolishness.

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