Daniel Gueguen

PACT European Affairs

Founded in January 2012, PACT European Affairs is a young company. But its roots run deep. PACT’s founders, Daniel Guéguen and Vicky Marissen, have – between them – over 50 years of experience in European public affairs.

PACT’s Mission Statement

In Brussels, there are thousands of experts on European policies: agriculture, environment, energy, transport, financial services and many others. There are associations, companies and consultants with impressive expertise on these topics. In our jargon, we call this the ‘what’.

But when it comes to navigating a file through the EU labyrinth, there are very few experts. The Lisbon Treaty has made the EU’s decision-making procedures even more complex than they were before. Ordinary legislative procedure, special legislative procedures and – of course – comitology. This is what PACT calls the ‘how to’.

We back up the technical expertise of clients on their files with equal expertise on how these files make their way through the EU labyrinth. This is PACT’s raison d’être. Our activities are 100% focused on EU affairs.

PACT’s mission is summed up well with the following motto:


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